Lan’Caterra (or simply Caterra) is a crescent-shaped, desert continent in the Ashen Sea. The Obsidian Blades loom over the western coast and various oases, springs, and guysers dot the land providing much needed water to its inhabitants.

Caterra is divided into 5 major territories: Hull, Akerra, Ightia, Territory 4, and Territory 5.

The people of Caterra are loosely divided into two groups – the Civilized Races and the Unkempt Races.

Caterran wildlife is composed of extremely resilient reptilian and insectoid beasts. No mammals beside the sentient races exist on the continent. Over the millennia since the fabled Giant’s War, the people of Caterra have managed to domesticate many animals and turn them into pets, livestock, and beasts of burden.

Due to the scarcity of metals, the people of Caterra have devised alternate ways of manufacturing goods from the resources they have at hand. Bone, shell, stone, and hide have replaced metal in mundane goods and weapons and armor alike. What metal is found, is used as currency for cities and the extremely wealthy.